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L.R Lima

L.R. Lima or Luciano Lima is a young author who attempted his first steps in the literary world while in Jr. High School, participating on literary contests that brought him considerable awards, and writing scripts for school plays and leads for RPG board games.

After he finished Sr. High School, he moved away from writing to devote himself to reading law in college and to studies on Military Science in the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Law and graduating as a Temporary Official of the Brazilian Army, Lima has independently published his first novel, The Heirs of Chaos. This work caught the attention of major producers in Brazil, giving him the opportunity to create a spin-off for television which was titled, Defectors.



The Heirs of Chaos (Still not published)

A millennia-old sect composed by men and woman endowed with magnificent powers; a paramilitary agency willing to do anything in its power to subdue them; in the middle of this shadowy war, the young paramedic William Montê, whose obsession is that of unveiling the mysteries that connect him to this conflict.

He could not have placed himself into a worst place…




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